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The Bible: Fact or Fiction

The Bible: Fact or Fiction


Is the Bible fact or fiction? Is it possible to know the Bible is true? In today’s society, it’s common perception the Bible is full of errors and is not trustworthy. The people who follow the Bible are simply ignorant or deceived. However, we can know the Bible is factual by looking at the following:

Prophecy: The future has always been of interest to humanity. Even today we are seeing prophecies align for fulfillment. Revelation 13:16-18 talks of a mark which will be put into humans. Only in modern times has technology been available to fulfil this. We now have animals with chips in them, credit cards contain chips and we may even know some people who have chips implanted in them for medical purposes. However, it was prophesied thousands of years ago a world leader would cause individuals to receive a mark in their body.

Science: During the days of Columbus, it was common belief the world was flat. However, Isaiah 40:22 confirmed what we now know, the world is not flat. Many also believed the world was held up by giant pillars, satellite imagery proves the earth is held up by nothing, yet the Bible declares this fact in Job 26:7. Hipparchus, the father of Greek astronomy, stated there were 1,080 stars. This count was viewed as accurate until the 1600s when Galileo invented the telescope. Science now tells us there are countless stars, yet the Bible has always claimed this fact in Jeremiah 33:22.

Medicine: For many centuries physicians used the treatment of “bleeding” to help an ailing patient. This process involved puncturing a vein to allow “bad blood” to come out of the body. Even our first President, George Washington, passed away due to the practice of bleeding. We now know we need our blood with many giving people donating their blood to help others. The Bible plainly states the blood is what gives us our life in Leviticus 17:11.

Dead Sea Scrolls: The most common thought is the Bible was passed by word of mouth for years, so it is unreliable. The story of the teacher telling a student a phrase and passing it along the room. When it comes to the last student the phrase is recited and shown how different it is from the original. Hence, the Bible must not be accurate due to this scenario. However, in 1947, there were found ancient texts of the Bible dating more than 1900 years old. Most notable was a complete copy of the book of Isaiah. This book was transcribed a century prior to Christ. Upon comparing the book of Isaiah in the scroll with our current version, it paralleled our Bible word for word.

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